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List of scientific articles written by Makhrin V.V., Tula, 2015 year

Rus: "Список научных статей написанных Махриным В.В., Тула, 2015 год".



Pages (12 font, 1.5 spacing)



1. Innovations in the Sphere of Information Technologies: Unfair Competitionof Microscopic Innovations


Winning in the market of information technologies is provided, often by the expense of the instruments of unfair competition: advertising of microscopic innovations, patenting of well-known subjects and forming chains of loyalty.

Journal of research and development "Economy" #3 (15)/2015 (publishing house INFRA-M)

2. Market Economy: the Need for Government Intervention


Research work related to the change established in the last 100 years of economic concepts developed by Alfred Marshall (the founder of the neoclassical school in economics; representative of the Cambridge school). The article gives approaches to provide common solutions: in micro- and macroeconomics, in international trade. The theory of self-regulation of the market system has been refuted.

Journal of research and development "Economy" #5 (17)/2015 (publishing house INFRA-M). I has withdrawn copyright on this article from the publishing house

3. Value and evaluation of entrepreneur resource for the Economy in Transition and a market economy with substantial government regulation

42 (without translation annotations and references to English)

Approaches to common solutions : in the socio - economic (especially periods of crisis ) and the personnel policy of the state. Besides, the personnel policy of the state carried out within the country's economy. At the same time the uncontrolled export of capital itself deprives the government to properly manage their economy and social sphere. Therefore once again the theory about self-regulating market system has been refuted.

not published yet

4. The mechanism of establishing the real market price: inflexibility of prices downwards, provided the seller receiving economic profit

18 (not a finished yet)

Shows and justified price mechanism (different from the accepted in economic theory). In fact, this article - the next step is to write a fundamentally new textbook on economic theory ( the real economy ) for students.

not published yet

5. The answer to the question: "The State - who is this ?" and public understanding of effective ways to combat corruption


The key problem of the democratic form of government is the absence of the country's host (in terms of strategic vision). Consequently, Russia with a democratic form of government (including the supposedly free media) has only one way to defeat corruption : the introduction of a strong hand. This article from the series of previously unpublished in the scientific literature papers that show problems of a democratic form of government in terms of the Russian national mentality.

not published yet

6. Small business on the road between pessimism and realism (tutorial)

71 (in the presence and in the future to 120 )

Experience in the organization and liquidation of the small business firms collected in the form of recommendations for students of non-core disciplines

not published yet

7. Plan revolution in economic theory12 (not a finished yet)Contradictions in conventional economic concepts. Prospects of development of economic theory.not published yet


The general thrust of my articles - the creation of a scientific school of the real economy (in contrast to the previously adopted in economic theory exclusively abstract and often irrational models).

So during the 20th century economic theory has evolved under strong political pressure. On the one hand there was socialism, which was guided by the course “Political Economy”. On the other - capitalism, which is largely guided by the course "Economics". As a result, scientists (from both sides) focused on the political order, when they formed these courses: “To prove the superiority of a particular political system”. The collapse of the Soviet Union determined the adoption in modern Russia course "Economics" (and for students , and government officials). There was the raising of the liberal economic school to the rank of national policy. At the same time no one paid attention to the fact that the modern Russian liberal economic school took from the course "Economics" the most extreme theory. Including absolutely irrational theory of the pure market:


  • when in one place and at one time must converge infinitely large number of both sellers and buyers;
  • each of which must be notified about details of all upcoming and prisoners in this market transactions;
  • immediately process this information and just as quickly change their own contract profitable way for themselves.


For example , the idea of the stock market game (gambling) was built on the idea of the pure market. This special role purchased people far removed from the real sector (investors , speculators ). Who are able to significantly influence the formation of market prices (sometimes calling into question the very existence of the real economy). This resulted in a crisis of overproduction , and a paradoxical increase in the proportion of working poor in total employment (colloquially, “the rich get richer and the poor – poorer”). Many other economic, social and political problems of the modern world was the result of false liberal economic theory. Solving these problems should start with a mindset change decision makers. That is, to abandon the abstract and irrational economic theories. And to accept the theory of the real economy.


Fixed address: http://tula-it.ru/node/1146

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